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Loft Rooms

The Citrus Ballroom has a capacity for up to 200 guests. This charming space features a beamed ceiling, four chandeliers, and a second floor balcony that is perfect for the Bride & Groom to make an entry, speech, or even toss the bouquet/garter from. The Citrus Ballroom is equipped with a full bar and a caterer's quarters. The large balcony will awe guests with it's beautiful views of downtown riverside. The balcony heaters make weather not an issue, keeping guests warm and toasty on chillier nights.

This room is named in honor of G. Stanley Wilson, a British architect who lived in Riverside and whose creative efforts resulted in beautiful buildings like the
Aurea Vista building (Now Loft.84), and the Mission Inn.

This room is available as an add-on and is perfect for the Groom and Groomsmen
to do what guys do. The room has its own bathroom and fridge, and
includes champagne for the groom and groomsmen.

The suite consists of two interconnected rooms. The first is specifically for the bride to get ready, dressed, and get her makeup done. This space is perfect for the intimate mother-daughter, or sister moments.


The second room is a large with plenty of seating space for bridesmaids to gather, mingle, and enjoy a glass of wine/champagne. The bridal suite contains it's own private bathroom, kitchen, and includes champagne for the Bride and Bridesmaids.

This room is named after Darci Kistler, a noted American ballerina born in Riverside, California. Its New York lounge feel is perfect for a rehearsal, cocktails and is included in the Citrus Ballroom package.

This is the perfect room to entertain your guests for cocktail hour while taking pictures or transitioning from ceremony to reception.

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